I have a thing with patterns and symmetry. I don't know exactly how to explain but repetitive images on a flat surface forming a pattern have a hypnotic effect that always attracts my gaze. I've always been fond of ancient mosaics, tile designs and the astonishing geometric repetitive patterns of  Moorish architecture. There is even a name for those things -Tessellations - objects of investigation of a whole mathematics field concerning geometry.


After revisiting my memories of a trip I did to Sevilla with its inspired Islamic architecture, an exposition of M. C. Escher I visit in Amsterdam some years ago and being enormously influenced by the elements Art Nouveau that pop up everywhere here in Vienna I decided to design my own tessellations. Here you'll see the result of my experiments on surface design. All my drawings here are available to be printed on all sorts of things, including textile, apparel, home decor items, cell phone cases and more. You can find out more in my Redbubble shop.