Ogum is the first of my portrait series dedicated to Orishas. I've been always fond of the e Afro-Brazilian tradition of Candomblé and wanted to pay homage to such colorful and rich cultural manifestation. I've been incubating this project for a while for the prints are really big and printing everything by hand makes the whole process really challenging.

Ogum is a primordial orisha in Yoruba religion. He is said to have been the first Orisha to descend to the realm of Earth, to find suitable place for future human life. He is the traditional deity of warriors, hunters, blacksmiths and technologists and in Candomblé he is syncretized with Saint George or Saint Sebastian. I have a special connection with Ogum for he's one of my assigned orishas and his characteristics describe pretty well a big part of my persona and life style. more infos here