Take in, long your breath
Keep trust and never kill the faith
As end isn't the death

Abdul Wahab


Ex Tenebris


Original 3-color linocut hand-printed on 30 g/m² Wenzhou rice paper.

Numbered and signed. Limited edition of  only 4 prints.

paper size: 42.0 x 59.4 cm

240,00 US Dollars (Shipment included)

For ordering just write us. We ship worldwide.

This linocut is part of a special collaboration project. The design was inspired by the beautiful work of Yvette Marie Tziallas (YMT designs). And here's the deal: I’m sending 8 prints of this linocut to Australia and Yvette will finished them the way she wants, with no restraints. We have no clue how it will end up looking like and that's why we are so excited about this project. Stay tuned.